Slash Touch - The all in one web agency.

Slash Touch - The all in one web agency.


Slash Touch is a full-service web agency company founded in 2018.

We are a passionate team for which performance is the top strategy in accomplishing anything we do. We transform ideas into brands, hard work in progress and the clients wishes into realizations.

This web agency develops and improves professional online services for customers across a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, advertising, construction, communications, fashion, finance, medical and health, insurance, law real estate and many more.

The company’s expertise is it’s dedication to offer custom-made web services for every client, from giant e-commerce websites to small business websites. By meeting the growing technological and design needs of its various clients at affordable prices, Slash Touch has grown to become one of the largest web agency companies in the world.

By deciding to partner with Slash Touch, you can be guaranteed to have an online presence that will effectively reach your targeted audience and help increase your business online profile. Availing any Slash Touch service can ensure that your business gets an edge in the increasingly competitive online market.

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1169 Thembelihle                                 P.O.Box 4375                                    Email:

Mbabane                                               Mbabane                                           Phone: +268 7647 1175

Swaziland.                                             Swaziland.